Giant Toppling Towers – Unfinished


Your entire family will enjoy this great game. Each player takes a turn pulling a block and stacking it on top just like the original. This set is unique to everything else you see due to it being cut from 2×3’s instead of 2×4’s. It makes for a lighter load to tote and an easier grip that is much closer to the original game we all played as kids. The towers do eventually topple so take care to always be aware and parental supervision is recommended when small children are playing.

  • 60 stained blocks with rounded corners cut originally from 2×3’s to get lighter overall weight and closer proportionately to the original kids game
  • Creates a tower with 20 rows of three blocks reaching well over 2 feet high
  • Can play to over four feet high
  • Storage bag available for purchase
  • Only weighs 27 lbs